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The Price of Printed Circuit Board Material Rise Again

1,The festive New Year has just passed, the news of the world's largest copper mine Escondida workers strike and the world's second largest copper mine Grasberg mining exit.
It is expected that Escondida will be shut down for 20 days and Grasberg exports will be delayed by about a month,which will result in a reduction of about 100,000 tons of copper supply.The direct impact of the incident is copper prices crashed into the sky, February 10 LME copper rose more than 4% reported 6087.5 US dollars / ton, refresh the new high since June 2015; COMEX copper also rose more than 4.6%, the same refresh 2015 June to a new high.
Printed circuit board industry are all worried about printe circuit board material price rise again? There is no doubt that printed circuit board material price really rose.
Sheet metal, PP price again 10 percent.Printed circuit board materail now increased by 10 percent based on a last whole year of price increases! Printed
circuit board industry who already bear the weight of the line, the price is undoubtedly give them scarred on the shoulder and then pressed a large stone.
Someone lamented: "Go on like this, who can hold it down."
And even those valiant valiantly prepared in this year's line up and down the sleeves to do a businessman is also like a Doutou poured a pot of ice water, from cold to the soles of the feet:"Just put up the sleeves, but also by  the material down! Printed circuit board how to do profits are thin as a blade, hope printed circuit board customers can understand the difficulties of the printed circuit board factory.
2,Bad news followed.
From February 15 onwards, fiberglass faucet on both sides of South Asia about 6 electronic grade glass fiber yarn kiln, cold repair an annual output of 30,000 tons yarn kiln, is expected to resume production 3 months.Part of the glass industry analysis, estimated Kingboard laminated board will also be in June an annual output of 50,000 tons of yarn kiln, Taiwan glass in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, four yarn kiln also planned to move to Bengbu, Anhui Province, Fulong glass fiber will be cold repair.
Some industry said that the fourth quarter of last year when the mainland manufacturers to out of stock on the grounds, large-scale increase in electronic grade glass fiber cloth offer, and now electronic grade glass fiber kiln cold repair, or will contribute to the chain of high winds.
3,Speaking of printec circuit board prices reasons, the reasons are sufficient:
Foreign copper mine strike or interruption of supply; chemical materials plant part was shut down; electronic grade glass fiber kiln cold repair, resulting in rising raw materials, in addition, environmental pressures increased, the factory costs rise. These will undoubtedly lead to printed circuit board prices.
Hope the printed circuit board customer can understand printec circuit board industry.
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